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elven glare

Mordred - a heavily researched Arthurian drama film being made in Devon & Cornwall - please support us - great perks from just £1!

Please support this crowdfund for a groundbreaking local film!
I am directing in this amazing film and theatre project, and I would love to see this become the very best that it could be. It is an incredible piece of work already, with an amazing team!
This production aims to not only showcase very heavily researched Dark Ages (6th century) history of Devon and Cornwall, linked to some of the very earliest and less known Arthurian legends, but also equally to showcase the amazing skills by local actors, filmmakers, and other production creatives - a lot of film work happens in the southwest but very often local people are passed over for imported talent due to stereotypes of "local people being no-good". This production aims to prove exactly the opposite, with a large, attention-grabbing project that has already been featured in the press not just localy, but in New York and Hollywood itself, and with interest, subject to the finished product (we are unknowns of course) from global film distribution companies. Directed by an experienced female theatre/film director.
The group running it has a proven track record over 10 years of producing historical theatre and film, working from the early days of raising £80 from a carboot sale and using the backroom of a pub for rehearsals. The group (working age adults, historical subject matter) falls straight through the cracks for grants etc, and so everything we do is fundraised for. Alongside a dizzying run of burlesque shows, sponsored swims, a scifi/ fantasy convention, ebay sales, carboot sales, shop counter collection tins, etc, we are also running this crowdfund.
Every penny raised goes into costumes/ props, donations to locations for use, food and camping equipment for cast on location, travel to locations, and some extra equipment. Equipment, following this film, will then be used to make more projects by this group, and to train local people in making high-grade film and video - to help them find work!


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elven glare

Always looking to create new dynamic theatre inspired by period drama, classical stories and legends, the Players now bring the tale of the dashing Zorro to the stage, in an all-new, family production, appearing at the Palace Theatre January 30th and 31st 2015.

Friday Jan 30th - 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 31st- 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Tickets Adults £6, Children £5, Family (2 adults & 2 children) £18

Book now via the Palace Theatre
Palace Ave, Paignton TQ3 3HF
01803 665800 / http://www.palacetheatrepaignton.co.uk/

What a way to start off the New Year! Combining elements of traditional pantomime with the glamour of a Vegas-style show, and a 19th century legend of California’s very own answer to Robin Hood, Zorro! Is a high-tech, family friendly, action packed and energetic production which will delight young and old alike.
Featuring an all-local cast with an age range of over 60 years between the youngest cast member and the oldest, all of whom have worked together to create an amazing new show, filled with laughter, glamour, high-tech effects, swordplay, music, showgirls and dance, the South Devon Players, a theatre company from Brixham, once again, return to the Palace Theatre to brighten your winter!

This show may not be suitable for people with medical issues affected by bright or flashing lights.
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elven glare


Written by William Shakespeare, and directed by Miss Laura J, the writer and director of our recent smash hit Les Miserables The Memoirs of Jean Valjean, this is a full-length, original language adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, set in 1860s Brixham, in a conflict between two families, the Capulets of Higher Brixham (Cowtown) and the Montagues of Lower Brixham (Fishtown). Performed by all-local actors, with an award-winning Torbay theatre company, this promises to be a thrilling production, bringing to life a classic of British theatre- set in the local area.

Thursday June 5th 2014 - Lipson Vale Primary School, Bernice Terrace, Lipson , Plymouth,PL4 7HW
7pm. 50% of profits to Plymouth Cat Rescue

Friday June 6th 2014 - 7pm: The Palace Theatre, Paignton (7 PM, tickets can be booked by calling the theatre box office on 01803 665800)
Venue Address: Palace Ave, Paignton TQ3 3HF
Palace Theatre Website: www.palacetheatrepaignton.co.uk/

Saturday June 7th 2014 - 2pm and 7pm, The Methodist Church Hall, Fore Street, Brixham (tickets can be reserved by calling 07855 090589)
Venue address: Fore Street, Brixham, TQ5 8DS

Sunday June 8th 2014, 2.30pm, St Matthias Church Hall, Wellswood, Torquay, (tickets can be reserved by calling 07855 090589)
Venue Address Babbacombe Rd, Wellswood, Torquay TQ1 1HW

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428569630720309/
Posters and cast photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gdyp3aeeavvycvt/fCdF0vOlDF

The South Devon Players theatre company are an award winning, family-friendly, completely non-profit, community-based theatre company, from ithe beautiful fishing port of Brixham; Devon (in South West England)
We perform theatre shows in Brixham, around Torbay, and South Devon, based on historical events, classical stories and mythology, with a strong ethos of often bringing to life the historical heritage of the Southwest in many of our productions.

We were founded in late 2005 by two Brixham performers, and performed our first production in the summer of 2006. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, and are now growing rapidly, with awards won and a rapidly increasing member base, an appearance on a national BBC 1 TV programme, and sponsorship from London for our recent non-musical adaptation of Les Miserables. We also act as a showcase for members seeking to increase their performance portfolios, facilitate access to other castings in the area (over the years we have been directly contacted for actors and models, from companies including, but not limited to, the BBC, Sky, Disney and Smithsonian)

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sdevonplayers
Our main website: http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com/

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elven glare
New  Les Miserables theatre production around Torbay (Devon UK) this September...
Directed by me.

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We got a lot (not all, sadly! rounding up all of the 30-strong cast other than for shows and rehearsals is very hard!) of the cast out on a days character photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.. The photos are by me and a couple of friends.
In no particular order:Meet some of the cast... Collapse )

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elven glare

The Ballad of Resurrection Bob  - open theatre auditions in Brixham

Male and female cast required, ages 16 – 75.

Casting will take place at Chestnut Heights Community Centre, Poplar Close, Brixham, on January 23rd 2013, at 7pm for 7.30 start, at open auditions. Rehearsals commencing every Wednesday evening from thereon, the performances will take place late April/ Early May 2013 around Torbay.

About the show:

In the summer of 2012 The South Devon Players were filmed for a BBC 2 programme, performing a clip of their upcoming 2013 production The Ballad Of Resurrection Bob, the humourous true story of a 19th century smuggler, in the Devon fishing port of  Brixham, where the theatre company is based.

This award-winning non-profit community theatre company primarily specialises in bringing to life the history and legends of the county of Devon, in newly researched and written shows.

In past centuries, smuggling of silks, tobacco and brandy, was rife along the coasts of the Southwest, and the smugglers invented ever more creative, and in some cases very humourous tactics to evade the law.

In the case of “Resurrection” Bob Elliott, he faked his own death in order to transport contraband to Totnes, under the noses of the coastguards, in a very large coffin. Later that night, the story tells, the local coastguards encountered Bob on the highway, and were convinced that they had seen a ghost.

From this escapade, Bob earned his nickname of “Resurrection Bob”.

The Smugglers Hotel, in Brixham town center, is said to have been where Bob lived, at the time of the escapade, and indeed, that is how the hotel earned it’s name

Following on the heels of the BBC broadcast of the show in the winter of 2012/ 13, the Players will be auditioning for a full cast for the stage production. Performers are welcome of all ages 16 to the sky’s the limit, and previous experience is not required (what is required, is commitment and the ability to function in a hard-working friendly team)

No role is paid (no one in the theatre company is paid), as we are a non-profit, voluntary group with a turnover of less than £1,000. However, other "perks" are available free of charge eg: free photoshoot/ video clips/ references!

If you would like more information on becoming involved with us, who we are and what our ethos is, please see the "about us" page on our website. 

Feel free to pass on the casting calls to anyone anywhere who may possibly be interested, but make sure ALL information (including audition details, our website, location etc) is included. Thank you!

More information from the theatre company website at http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com (social networks: facebook: southdevonplayers/ Twitter: sdevonplayers)


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elven glare
telling the story of Isabella De Fortibus, the 13th C Countess of Devon, this show is a humourous take on this true woman, to be performed in Devon (Brixham and Exminster) at the end of July 2012

Feel free to download, and share the posters

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elven glare
Pirates meet Musketeers in a new play at our towns annual pirate festival this coming weekend...

The South Devon Players community theatre company present:

The Musketeers And The Pirates
FREE FAMILY ALL - ACTION street theatre show this coming weekend in Brixham.(Devon)

In the 1620s- 30s, historically, the French navy was low in strength, and Cardinal Richeleiu made increasing the navys strength, a priority. As part of this new drive, since there were not sufficient shipyards, he purchased foreign ships and imported foriegn shipwrights and crews.

This 20-minute play tells the humourous, fictional story of his attempt to recruit a crew of privateers. Unfortunatly, there is a problem with the small-print, and the Cardinals old nemeses, the Musketeers, are also in town.
(optional donations in bucket always most welcome)

LIVE PERFORMANCES 5pm on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of May at Brixham Pirate Festival (the old fishmarket on the Quay just by the Golden Hind)

All-action, light-hearted swashbuckling street theatre for children and adults alike, inspired by The Three Musketeers, and the historical dealings with foriegn ships and crews by Cardinal Richelieu. Performed by the South Devon Players, in support of of the annual Brixham Pirate Festival.

The South Devon Players: http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com/  https://www.facebook.com/SouthDevonPlayers
The Brixham Pirate Festival: http://www.brixhampiratefestival.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/events/275241225872303/

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elven glare
The Great Gale of Brixham 1866 - Theatre show.

Brixham and Paignton, Devon, England.

On the evening of January 1866, a great storm blew up across the South coast, and hit Brixham. Much of her fishing fleet, and many other ships sheltering from the storm in Torbay were destroyed in just a few hours, and legend has it that in the aftermarth, it was possible to walk from Brixham to Paignton upon the wreckage.
In a desparate attempt to guide thier menfolks ships to safety, the fishwives of Brixham lit a fire on the peir, burning thier household effects, to create a guiding light, and in an inspiring display of community spirit, much of the town turned out help those sailors who were shipwrecked and left destitute, far from home.

As a result of the storm, the people of Exeter raised the funds for Brixham to have her first RNLI lifeboat, The City Of Exeter which was delievered to Brixham in October the same year.

The South Devon Players, winners of the 2012 Torbay Together: Creativity In The Community Award, a completely non-profit community theatre group from Brixham with members ranging from beginners to experienced, re-tell the story of this night through the eyes of those on shore, in a one-hour performance which is also being taken further afield to be performed in a heat of the All England Theatre Festival, and which also is the subject of one members postgraduate university thesis. The drama is suitable for the whole family, and is supplimented by a historical exhibition in the foyer of performance venues.

Saturday March 31st 2012, 3.00pm and 7.30pm. Christian Community Centre, Fore Street, Brixham
Tickets £3 (adults) £2 (children under 16), bookable in advance or on the door. (door open one hour before performance time)

Saturday April 14th 2012, 7.30 PM - Winner Street Baptist Church Hall, Paignton. Tickets £3 (adults) £2 (children under 16), bookable in advance or on the door. (door open one hour before performance time)

Theatre group online contacts

The South Devon Players Theatre Company @ southdevonplayers.weebly.com
Twitter: sdevonplayers , Livejournal sdp_theatre or Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/southdevonplayers/

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elven glare
Upcoming theatre events in Exeter and Torbay

Non-profit community theatre group in the Southwest of England


More about our group: 
Main website, our Facebook, Twitter, sdp_theatre  Myspace

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elven glare
The Trial Of Anne Bonney And Mary Reed
Brixham, Devon, England

(Photo of last years main cast) 

* FREE SHOW* The Trial Of Anne Bonney And Mary Reed * FREE SHOW*

The Trial Of Anne Bonney & Mary Reed
May 2nd 2010, 4pm sharp.
Brixham Old Fishquay

No tickets required. Free to all (donations in the buckets are welcome but not compulsory).

Written based on court records, this play tells the story of two of historys most notorious female pirates, and thier trial. Action, drama and humour take to the stage in this re-telling of thier story, during Brixham Pirate Festival. Suitable for all the family. Open air show although there is cover if damp.

There are no tickets bookable for this. There are a limited amount of seats available, last year we did the show and there were a mixture of people sitting and standing. If you want to be sure of a seat, it may be worth bringing a folding chair, or a cushion to be on the safe side.

Please note that there is gunfire in the show, pets are welcome, but please note that some may be upset by the shots being fired. (loud sudden noises).
To work out directions for finding us, the postcode is TQ5 8AW. It is the covered area close to the town tourist information centre and the Golden Hind. There will be events happening all day, please ask festival officials on the day to point one of us out if you have any queries, members of our group will be present all day at the festival.
Contact us via our site with earlier enquiries   or contact us via our new LJ community sdp_theatre